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Solar Panel Warranties

Ensuring that your panel warranty is backed by an independent insurance company like Lloyd’s holds significant importance for several compelling reasons.

Firstly, Sunport stands out as the sole provider offering a 30-year warranty backed by Lloyd’s Underwriting and the PICC worldwide. This unique distinction, combined with Sunport’s remarkable technological innovation, implementation of copper backing instead of lead, and unwavering commitment to superior quality, makes it a compelling choice.

The involvement of Lloyd’s as an independent insurance company brings an added layer of assurance. Their rigorous technical due diligence process, conducted to guarantee Sunport’s adherence to the 30-year specifications, serves as a noteworthy endorsement. By minimizing their own risk through thorough assessments, Lloyd’s further validates the reliability of Sunport’s warranty.

To illustrate the significance of an insured warranty, we can draw on past experiences that resonate with older individuals. Ansett, a well-known airline from 1936 to 2002, abruptly went out of business, leaving travelers stranded without any prior notice. Similarly, one of our preferred solar panel suppliers at The Solar Broker faced a similar fate. Despite being on the market for three decades, with remarkable innovations and the introduction of Mono-Crystalline panels to Australia, they suddenly ceased operations, causing customer distress. Even prominent companies like LG discontinued their operations in the Australian marketplace, leaving customers questioning how they could claim their warranties.

However, by choosing Sunport, you can find reassurance in the fact that, in the unlikely event of Sunport’s closure within the next 30 years, your warranty will be safeguarded by Lloyd’s, a trusted institution with an impressive history dating back to 1665.

In summary, securing a panel warranty backed by an independent insurance company like Lloyd’s is paramount. The unparalleled 30-year warranty offered by Sunport, combined with Lloyd’s endorsement and the protection provided by insurance, ensures peace of mind and safeguards against unforeseen circumstances. By choosing Sunport, you invest in a reliable warranty supported by a long-standing institution like Lloyd’s.

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