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Lucky Paws

During my childhood, I had a peculiar habit of finding stray dogs and persuading them to come home with me, even if it meant going against their will. Bozo, the loyal canine pictured beside me, became an inseparable companion for a decade. When I first encountered Bozo, he was plagued by fleas, suffering from severe eczema, and had endured mistreatment. However, through devoted affection and attentive care, he transformed into the epitome of an ideal canine companion for a young boy. Bozo accompanied me on countless thrilling escapades around the farm, showcasing remarkable herding abilities. Fearless and unyielding, he even assisted me in moving our formidable Brahman cattle to the next paddock.

As a ten-year-old boy, you can well imagine the nerve-wracking experience of maneuvering these elephantine creatures alongside just your faithful dog. Yet, against all odds, we tackled this challenge as a formidable team. As I delved into the realm of long-distance running, Bozo faithfully trained alongside me each night, offering companionship as we conquered ten-mile runs at a blazing pace of five minutes per mile. Sadly, as Bozo aged, arthritis began to take its toll, forcing me to leave him behind when I ventured out. During the entire duration of my absence, which typically lasted 50 minutes, he would howl in distress at being left alone at home. Nonetheless, Bozo remained a constant source of warmth, both in spirit and physically, as he diligently kept my feet cozy during countless hours of high school study.

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Bozo & Young Doug
A good loyal friend
From dangerous dog to cuddle monster

The worth of a dog extends beyond mere calculations of weight, cuddle factor, and cost. Cleo, the inspiration behind the company’s name, started her life as an unwanted stray, passed through the hands of four owners in her first six months. Every time I would try to put her in the car, she would resist and cry, fearing a return to the pound. When I look at her now, I can’t fathom how anyone could have overlooked her charm and beauty. While Cleo is undeniably stunning, her obsession with balls is unmatched. In the initial years, I endured chronic tennis elbow from tirelessly throwing the ball for hours to exhaust her. Today, I consider it a blessing that she tires out after just half an hour of play.

Then there’s Remy, a rescue from the pound who bit me on the hand and face on our first day together. She bore whip marks from power cords and was so emaciated that she struggled to walk a mere ten meters without needing rest. Witnessing her condition was heart-wrenching and brought tears to the eyes of anyone who saw her. She was found wandering near the icy region of Caboolture.

Rather than responding with anger, I chose to respond to Remy’s bite by gently holding her mouth and giving her affectionate kisses. In the following weeks, she remained intensely violent and mistrustful, leading me to consider the possibility of putting her down. But I persisted, and today, she has blossomed into the most affectionate and endearing cuddle monster one could ask for.

Remy’s transformation is a far cry from her tumultuous beginnings. She now enjoys her own leather couch, placed comfortably under the soothing air-conditioning. During her indulgence of a roast chicken, she expects nothing less than being hand-fed on her cherished couch. Remy’s value as a companion is truly exceptional. However, should you call me during her dog park time, her disapproval will be unmistakably expressed through the resounding howl of a mastiff. Additionally, leaving a roast lamb unattended is an invitation for mischief, as her mastiff appetite deems a 1.8-kilo lamb roast as a mere snack. She has even managed to seize a hefty 3-kilo roasted chicken on one occasion.

The Solar Broker proudly sponsors Lucky Paws, an organization I joined with the intention of fostering dogs, nursing them back to health, and providing them with love and security until they find their forever homes. This arrangement allows me the flexibility to travel for business while adapting to the demands of work. These dogs, with their exceptional beauty, have often endured unimaginable hardships and truly deserve the opportunity to be a part of a caring family. I passionately implore you, if you have the means, to assist Lucky Paws by fostering or adopting one of their dogs. Witnessing the stunning dogs that are on death row is nothing short of heartbreaking. By fostering, you can extend a dog’s chances of finding a permanent home. Many of these foster dogs, much like foster children, ultimately find their forever families. In return, you may be rewarded with a loyal companion for years to come.

As they say in the fostering community, I am a “foster fail.” During my first attempt at fostering, I ended up adopting my first two dogs. When they first arrived, they were emaciated and had suffered severe abuse. They would cower in fear near me initially. However, today, they reign over the household. Every day, they indulge in hand-fed scrambled eggs and, of course, a few times a week, they relish hand-fed roast chicken.

Dogs, like children, can be profoundly impacted by their early experiences. Yet, with love and affection, these dogs can undergo remarkable transformations. They are resilient beings, capable of healing and thriving with the right care.

Carla and Bronson
Video of them in the park running about

On my final day of resigning from my community service role, after dedicating three years to the cause (a feat few managed to sustain for even three months), I arrived for my appointment to find two beautiful young boys waiting at the door. I engaged in conversation with them, and their faces lit up with joy. It was evident that their nappies had exceeded their change time, leaving their delicate skin red and raw. Eventually, their mother stumbled to the door, clearly intoxicated on rum and coke at 10 am. Her teeth were decayed from substance abuse, and her skin bore the marks of ice sores. I couldn’t help but remark to her, “You have a beautiful pair of young boys.” In response, she unleashed a torrent of foul language, referring to them as nothing more than worthless mongrels. Undeterred, I told her firmly, “I don’t care what you say, they are extraordinary boys.” To my surprise, she retorted, “You can have the damn mongrels then!” My response was resolute, “If I could, I assure you, they would be on the path to university in 16 years, rather than heading down a road that leads to prison.” It was a breaking point for me.

I retreated to my car, dialed my supervisor’s number, and tendered my resignation. For an entire month, I sat on my couch, emotionally shattered by the experiences of the past three years. It pained me deeply that our system failed to intervene and protect these children, placing them in loving families—especially when there is such a scarcity of children available for adoption. I have a friend who works in pediatric intensive care, and regrettably, they often witness children suffering unimaginable abuse. They even encounter cases where a mother induces a heart attack or worse in her two-year-old child through the use of dangerous substances.

My own children, like Remy, Cleo, Bozo, and the dogs at Lucky Paws, resemble these unfortunate children. Given love and the right environment, they possess the potential to become the most remarkable and affectionate dogs imaginable. By fostering or adopting, you have the power to save a precious dog like Remy from the tragic fate of euthanasia, while gaining a loyal companion for the next decade or more. Alternatively, you can provide a dog with an opportunity to find a new home with someone else who will cherish them. And of course, one of the joys of having a dog is never having to use the bathroom alone again—just a lighthearted note amidst the seriousness of it all. Now, my daily schedule revolves around the dog park, as it has become my top priority.

After my time with The Solar Broker, my next project involves writing books for individuals in lower socioeconomic groups, offering guidance on raising exceptionally successful children and breaking the cycle of hardship. My own son was diagnosed with autism at the age of three and had an IQ score of 80. Drawing on my background in medical research (holding a double major in Physiology and Functional Anatomy), I immersed myself in scientific papers for three days and nights, devising a program to reverse his condition. Through extensive efforts, I managed to elevate his IQ from 80 to 143 within a year. He went on to receive the leadership award at a prestigious private school, achieving top marks in Engineering, and now thrives as a successful young Civil Engineer specializing in designing train systems. Furthermore, he holds a second degree in Surveying. Similarly, my daughter, at the age of 27, has already established herself as a Senior Engineer. Much like the dogs at Lucky Paws, their different childhood experiences have shaped different outcomes.

If you are able, I implore you to foster or adopt a Lucky Paws dog

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