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About The Solar Broker

High-quality commercial grade solar since 2015

In October 2015, Doug Baumber started the solar broker with the same focus of his former success, Parts Overnight. A company dedicated to servicing the technical support industry which in a few short years became an industry leader in its niche market. His company was focused on re-manufacturing old laser printers from being thrown out and giving them a new life.

The idea of the company was thought upon over a couple of beers with a bunch of engineers when they said part of the model design is that it is supposed to fail. As innovative as Doug is, he thought, that by coming up with a way to make these components work 100% of the time he would be able to run a company with the highest level of integrity. So, he did, and Doug has won many awards including the Queensland Growth Company of the Year award, IT&T for excellence in service, Rising Star Marker Share Leader award, and many others.

When Doug was based in Detroit, the engineers next door to him were the engineers who designed your car to break down. Drinking beers with them, they taught him their art of built-in obsolesces. With that knowledge, he was able to identify built in obsolesces on laser printer components that he was able to reverse-engineer those components eliminating built-in obsolesces saving repair organizations a fortune in call-out service fees

His devotion to helping consumers get the highest level of service, quality & reliability is how he was able to grow a successful company. That is his philosophy for doing business. It took The Solar Broker from zero startup to a multi-million dollar company in a short period of time. Doug’s original profession was medical, with a double major in physiology and punctual anatomy

Doug has built a team of highly trained staff to help service more clients to enjoy the benefits of going solar using the same values he upholds. As a reflection of his commitment to excellent customer service, he maintained his relationship with IBM, Wang, and Fujitsu for the 7 years he owned Parts Overnight. This is his same commitment to excellence in service with The Solar Broker

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