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Electric Cars

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Run your electric car FREE from the sun and save $5,000 plus a year in fuel.*

At The Solar Broker, our primary focus is on maximizing return on investment for our customers. We understand that government grants for solar are gradually decreasing by 11% annually, while panel costs continue to rise alongside other expenses. Our preferred panel witnessed a significant 30% price increase within just six months. Moreover, it is projected that electricity prices will more than double by Christmas 2023.

Given this landscape, we highly recommend installing larger solar systems in homes to prepare for the upcoming electric car revolution. Our goal is to enable the seamless charging of electric cars from the roof, equivalent to a full tank of fuel costing around $100. By achieving this, our solar systems can save you approximately $5,000 per year in fuel expenses per car, assuming weekly refueling. This substantial cost reduction not only contributes to your return on investment but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability.

Furthermore, if you have plans to sell your home in the next 3 to 4 years, having a solar system that offers virtually free charging for electric cars can significantly enhance its value. As electricity prices reach all-time highs, government grants diminish, petrol prices rise, and electric cars become more prevalent, the presence of a solar system charging your car for free becomes a desirable and value-adding feature. It’s worth noting that our top panel choice is the only one in the world with a 30-year performance warranty backed by Lloyd’s Underwriting, further emphasizing its reliability and attractiveness.

The escalating fuel prices have been a noticeable burden on individuals, impacting not only their transportation expenses but also their grocery bills. As evidenced by our director’s experience with his Renault Traffic Diesel, fuel prices skyrocketed from $1.10 per liter to $2.34 per liter soon after certain events. This sudden surge resulted in a staggering fuel bill of $234.80, compared to his previous refill of $110.00. The significant increase in fuel costs has had a ripple effect, driving up prices in other areas. For instance, chicken prices surged from $2.69 per kilo to $6.60 within a few months, mainly due to rising fuel costs.

By opting for solar installation, you and your family can shield yourselves from the impact of fluctuating fuel prices, safeguarding your finances and providing a stable foundation for managing other expenses, including groceries. Installing solar not only offers financial benefits but also contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.

At The Solar Broker, we strive to maximize your return on investment while protecting you from the escalating costs of essential commodities.

Relief is at Hand

The rise of electric cars is inevitable, with their prevalence rapidly increasing worldwide. Notably, the Tesla Model Y has already surpassed the Toyota Camry in sales volume in both China and Australia. Moreover, they rank as the third and second most popular cars in Germany, France, and Norway, respectively. Embracing this shift, AGL offers a subscription service that allows you to rent an electric car at the same cost as a petrol car, with the added benefit of receiving a replacement vehicle every 12 months.

Exciting developments in the electric car industry continue to unfold. A recent deal between CATL and Volkswagen ensures a sufficient supply of batteries for 2 million cars over the next three years. Additionally, Honda has partnered with CATL for battery supply, and committed to another 2 million cars during the same period. General Motors has also entered into a joint venture with China, aiming to produce an impressive 200 million battery-powered cars within the next five years. Notably, Canon, a startup, offers a larger-than-average electric truck at an affordable price of just $28,000 U.S. In these electric vehicles, battery packs serve as the structural floorplan, while a compact electric motor doubles as the braking mechanism. Canoo, another innovative company, has introduced a radical design that eliminates the front hood and extends the driver compartment forward, resulting in an extended tray.

Over the next three years, we can expect a significant drop in electric car prices as new battery technologies emerge, offering extended-range capabilities. Simultaneously, fuel prices are projected to rise. This means that owning and operating an electric vehicle will become more economical compared to traditional petrol vehicles. The transition to electric cars not only offers financial advantages but also contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.

Technological Advancements​

The rapid pace of technological advancement continues to reshape our world, and an exciting development is taking place in Germany. CATL, the world’s leading battery manufacturer, has announced plans to construct a new plant dedicated to producing sodium-based batteries as an alternative to traditional lithium-based batteries.

These sodium batteries boast an impressive weight-to-charge ratio comparable to lithium batteries but at a significantly reduced cost of 70%. This shift towards sodium batteries is not limited to CATL alone; other plants are also undergoing conversions to embrace this new technology.

Anticipated progress in the electric car industry is equally remarkable. It is projected that within the next two to three years, electric car models will emerge with an astounding range of 1,000 kilometers, offering unprecedented convenience for long-distance travel. Researchers are even making strides in achieving rapid charging times, with some studies suggesting full charges can be accomplished in as little as two minutes or even a mere 7 seconds, as reported by a research company.

The undeniable truth is that electric cars are the future of transportation. At The Solar Broker, we are committed to assisting you in designing a solar system capable of generating sufficient power to charge your electric car daily. It’s important to note that the specific energy requirements may vary depending on factors such as home usage patterns, available roof space, and other considerations.

By harnessing the power of solar energy to fuel electric vehicles, we can create a sustainable and environmentally friendly future. Transitioning to electric cars not only offers significant cost savings but also contributes to reducing carbon emissions and protecting our planet for future generations.

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