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Wholesale electricity prices in Queensland have increased from $37 per megawatt hour in February 2022 to $2,600 a megawatt hour by July 2023. In just over one year, the price of electricity has increased 70-fold. The cost of this will be passed on to consumers. “In February 2023 in parliamentary debate it was stated that electricity for business would increase up to three fold by the end of the year. Currently the Government is subsidising the cost of electricity. 

Australians are being prepared for 60-70c kWh electricity prices by December 2023. It has been announced electricity will increase 20-30% July 1st.  We help businesses take control by helping them lock in their electricity at 7-10c per kWh for the next 7 years with a High Quality Commercial Grade Solar System. Find out if you qualify for the Federal Government Solar Program, which offers anywhere between $6,000 and $50,000 in grants, and lock in electricity at 7-10c/kW for 7 years and avoid the electricity price increases that are coming.

Do you qualify?

Small Technology Certificates (STCs)

A small technology certificate (STC) is a government grant. The process is as follows:

In order to offset carbon emissions, a power plant must purchase Small Technology Certificates

Despite not knowing it, these STC’s are included in your power bill

Whenever your neighbor switches to solar with a 13.3 kW system, the power company must give him/her at least $6,000 to aid in the installation

It costs $4.9 million per day in STC’s to install 1,300 solar systems every day, or $3,800 per system in STC’s.

The $4.9 million is paid by those without solar through their electricity bills to pay for people to switch to solar, so they will no longer be charged

The more solar installations there are, the more it costs those without solar to pay for their STCs through their electricity bills, so that those with solar get free electricity.

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