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Residential Solar Installations

Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of inflation. A Solar System on your home is an income-producing asset that can help you be more financially comfortable. We can help you qualify for a government-funded solar system, putting it on your roof 100% Government Funded and you will be paid $50-$200 a month for going solar. Getting started is as easy as answering a few questions….

What we do is help you qualify for the Federal Government Solar Program where you will receive anywhere from $3,800 to $9,700 of your tax dollars back. After qualifying for the Low Interest Clean Energy Finance, we will help you quickly and easily go Solar so you can avoid the price increases that are coming. With our new state of the art Battery System we can help you become up to 90% independent of the grid, and have a system where the batteries charge up during the day even during a blackout. The grid is becoming increasingly unstable, it is expected that we will have rolling blackouts lasting several days over the next few years with one of our State of the art Battery-Solar Combos you and your family will be protected.


At the Solar Broker we believe in designing our systems for the future. Already Tesla is the Number 1 selling car in Australia.  By 2026 it is projected that 67% of all new car sales will be electric. Already in China GM has an electric vehicle that has sold half a million vehicles. GM plans to sell 200 million of these over the next 5 years. Already in China petrol vehicles are struggling with manufacturers halving the cost of their petrol vehicles. The used car market has totally collapsed with car dealers having to scrap their used inventory. Australia will be following suit. We highly recommend you delay the purchase of any new petrol vehicle for 2-3 years if you can so you do not get caught with the collapse of the used car market. Electric vehicle process will be halving over the next 2-3 years. 2026 models will come with 1000Km range batteries with a charging time of 2-3 minutes. With our solar systems designed for the future  you will be able to charge your electric car with one days output saving you a tank of petrol. If you go through one tank a week that a $5000 a year saving in fuel.


We are currently liaising with new technology companies that are developing Virtual Power Plant Technology where you will be able to export stored electricity back to the grid and get top dollar for your electricity. In current trials people are making up to $20+ per night for the peak demand output. 

Why We Go BIG!

Several companies fail to understand ROI and economies of scale. When you install a larger system, you receive more grants from the government. If you install a 13.3kW solar system, you will receive about $6000 in grant funding, whereas if you install a 6.6kW system, you will only receive $3000. When virtual power networks become available, you have the option to resell your electricity back to the grid at a higher price. We’re preparing you for electric vehicles. You can find more on our electric cars page by clicking HERE. As a result of this investment strategy, you will also have enough surplus to charge a battery during the day for use at night. Making you 99% self-sufficient.

Small Technology Certificates (STCs)

A small technology certificate (STC) is a government grant. The process is as follows:

In order to offset carbon emissions, a power plant must purchase Small Technology Certificates.

Despite not knowing it, these STC’s are included in your power bill.

Whenever your neighbour switches to solar with a 13.3 kW system, the power company must give him/her at least $6,000 to aid in the installation.

It costs $4.9 million per day in STC’s to install 1,300 solar systems every day, or $3,800 per system in STC’s.

The $4.9 million is paid by those without solar through their electricity bills to pay for people to switch to solar, so they will no longer be charged

The more solar installations there are, the more it costs those without solar to pay for their STCs through their electricity bills, your so nice helping pay for your neighbours to go solar so they don’t have an electricity bill. Would you prefer to be the person being helped by your neighbours to go solar or the person paying for your neighbours to go solar in your electricity bill. 

How much would you have saved if you had gone solar 5 years ago?

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